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  • Allgon's New Dual Band Solution
    Allgon's New Dual Band Solution Want to minimize zoning problems? Tower space? Operating costs? Allgon is on your wavelength. Both wavelengths.
  • Operations Support System This software-based operations support system, called OneVision Network Fault Management Release 10 (NFM R10), offers surveillance of multiple network domains that carry numerous services based on the same network configuration
  • System Management Unit The Glenayre Intelligis System Management Unit (Intelligis SMU) provides a unified and central access point to administer and proactively monitor the myriad of applications available from the Glenayre modular enhanced services platform
  • Fax Modem PC Card
    Fax Modem PC Card The 56K GSM-ready fax modem PC card offers the stability of a wireless digital network while providing features like e-mail and encryption technology
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