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  • Odyssey - Radio Planning Odyssey offers a unique combination of the most powerful propagation modeling capabilities with innovative use of distributed computing, optimised coding, and an object oriented database
  • Web-Based Tracking Service PortaTrack is a Web-based tracking service that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless...
  • ioLink 1
    ioLink 1 The ioLink 1 product provides a full-duplex, Direct Spread Spectrum (DSSS) connection for one T1 or E1 rate wireless circuit between two locations that can be as far as 45 miles away with a clear line-of-sight
  • ICS-554, a 105 MHz ADC PMC Module
    ICS-554, a 105 MHz ADC PMC Module Designed for high-performance software radio applications, the ICS-554 offers the ultimate in channel density, speed and performance.
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