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  • Network Synchronization Product NetSyncPlus SSU-2000e is a synchronization product that has a fully manageable, intelligent timing network element that allows international carriers to dynamically manage the reliability and performance of their core network synchronization
  • CDMA Wireless Module The SB1000 Wireless Springboard module is the first CDMA solution to leverage the Springboard expansion slot found on the Handspring Visor...
  • 26 GHz Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS) A new 26 GHz version of the AIReach Broadband 9000 local multipoint distribution system (LMDS) is being offered in Asia and Europe and countries...
  • TRACkey built-in intelligence
    TRACkey built-in intelligence The TRACkey is the heart of the TRACcess system. This "intelligent" electronic key replaces conventional keys, magnetic cards and mechanical combinations.
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