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  •     Ethernet 10Mbps or Fast Ethernet 100Mbps
    Ethernet 10Mbps or Fast Ethernet 100Mbps The LASER BIT system was developed for its users, offering full duplex 10Mbps or 100Mbps secure links, that can be immediately deployed without the monthly costs of slower T1 lines, providing superior security for applications over other slower speed wireless solutions.
  • Convergent Services Platform The OTelNet Convergent Services Platform (O-CSP) provides a set of software capabilities that provide for the development and delivery of convergent services for next generation networks
  • Packet Data Specialized Services
    Packet Data Specialized Services Getting data to and from those on the move, or in remote locations, is easier than ever with Packet Data Specialized Services from TMI Communications
  • Wireless Security Solution The Passport Certificate Server 4.0 is designed to work with a broader base of client platforms, including GSM phones using SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)...
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