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  • Carrying Case The TravelQwest Carrying Case is designed to be an additional power source for the portable electronics, lap top computers and mobile phones
  • Wireless Area Network Modems
    Wireless Area Network Modems The RM1000 Wireless Area Network series of modems has been introduced. The series replaces the MT450 with advances in speed, flexibility, connectivity, and direct...
  • Accessories NK Cables USA Inc. can also provide the full range of cable and tower accessories that are required to complete any size project
  • Four 3.3v, Rs-232 Serial Transceivers
    Four 3.3v, Rs-232 Serial Transceivers All four are high speed (1000 kbps), rugged (15kV ESD protection on all I/Os), low voltage (3.3V) RS-232 serial transceivers designed for leading edge portable products such as PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players, and laptop computers.
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