6103 AIME Protocol Tester

Source: Racal Instruments Inc.
6103 AIME Protocol Tester
The 6103-AIME is a member of the ProCLAIME series of protocol testers
Racal Instruments Inc.ME is a member of the ProCLAIME series of protocol testers. The AIME software provides the user with full layer 2 and layer 3 monitoring and emulation capability for the Um interface. The features of this test and development tool allow the GSM Mobile engineer to monitor, debug and fault find protocol interchanges on the Um interface. It is also possible to assess the integrity of traffic frames across the air interface using BER tests.

The test system is based on a 6103 or 6103E Digital Radio Test Set. A separate PC software package is provided which controls the 6103 via a GPIB /IEEE488 interface. The User Interface provides the user with a script editing facility, captures all the layer 2 and 3 signaling exchanges with frame and time stamps, and logs all the traffic frames.

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