News | December 27, 2022

SOCAR Türkiye Selected Turkcell For 5G Ready Private Wireless Network


SOCAR Türkiye offers petro-chemical products, refining, and natural gas trade and distribution worldwide and Türkiye’s leading technology company Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) cooperated for digital transformation of Aliağa Peninsula that is one of the biggest refineries of Türkiye. 5G-ready private wireless network will be deployed at SOCAR’s Aliağa Peninsula. The future-proofed 5G-ready network will be provided by Turkcell for digital transformation of that area.

“We are preparing SOCAR Türkiye and Aliağa for 5G with Turkcell's technology"

Commenting on the cooperation, SOCAR Türkiye Chief Digital Transformation and Information Officer Hakan Irgıt said: “As Türkiye’s largest industrial holding, SOCAR Türkiye, we claim to be the leading company in digital transformation area in the energy industry. We have been preparing SOCAR Türkiye and Aliağa for 5G with Turkcell's technology in this project, which we developed in the light of our digital transformation vision and strategic plans.”

“This project will be a pattern of energy sector’s digitalization”

Turkcell Chief Corporate Sales Officer Ceyhun Özata stated:“We are very happy to contribute to the digitalization of Aliağa Peninsula with a new generation network compatible via 5G. This project will host the most advanced applications of Industry 4.0, bringing efficiency, flexibility, quality and productivity to high levels. It’s apparent that most of the sectors, especially the energy sector will follow this pattern.”

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