Product Showcase

  1. Ultra-Broadband Low Loss Power Divider

    Corry Micronics has developed a 6-way ultra-wide band power divider that has a typical insertion loss of 2 dB with a frequency range from 800 MHz to 18 GHz. The 6 way power divider is rated at 30W CW or 5W CW per input channel. The design is compact and rugged.

  2. Standard Gain Horn Antennas
    Corry Micronics' Gain Horn Antennas operate in the sub-gigahertz to over 100 GHz frequency range. These antennas can be custom manufactured for different applications, including but not limited to aerospace, military, wireless communications, and medical.
  3. Tubular Ceramic Capacitors
    For over 30 years, Corry Micronics, Inc. has been manufacturing tubular ceramic capacitors for use in their own filtered products. CMI now sells these same high quality ceramic capacitors direct to companies needing filters in their products. CMI has more than one hundred types and sizes of tubular ceramics already in production.
  4. DCR-8 - Dual-Controlled Remote Broadband Switch
    The DCR-8 is an eight port switch remotely controllable via USB or Ethernet. The switch automatically recognizes either type of control connection. Control microwave signals with a laptop or PC using the USB interface or remotely over the internet.
  5. Filtered Military Circular Connectors
    Corry Micronics offers a complete line of Filtered Military Circular Connectors, including MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, and III, MIL-C-26482 Series II, and MIL-C-83723 Series III. Various filtering options are available, including “C”, “C2”, “L”, “J”, and “Pi” circuits, and can include 0.1J or 0.3J Bi-Directional Transient protection
  6. Linksys WAP2000 Wireless Access Point
    The WAP2000 is a Wireless Access Point ideal for small businesses that want to expand their existing wired networks or create new wireless networks for the workforce or guests. It features RangeBooster technology that is compatible to standard 802.11g but with a range up to two times farther and throughput by up to 35% faster. Unlike ordinary wireless technologies that are hampered by wireless signals that reflect off walls, ceilings, and other objects, RangeBooster uses these multiple signals with two smart receivers at each end (router or access point and client adapter) to boost range and throughput speeds.
  7. Nexterna Clearview Link: Field Service Software
    Clearview Link (CVLink) makes a virtual connection between Nexterna Clearview and other applications, enabling you to integrate data with your financial, sales, and other third party software. Nexterna Clearview Link is a data import/export application used to transfer information between the Nexterna Clearview system and other software using XML.
  8. Nexterna Clearview Web Access: Field Service Management
    Nexterna Clearview Web Access gives end clients and/or technicians immediate access to service information. Using the web, they’re able to add, view, and change information specific to their account or service assignments in minutes. Instead of waiting for answers, end clients and technicians are able to get the information they need when and where it’s convenient.
  9. Nexterna Clearview Mobile
    With Clearview Mobile, your field service technicians and your dispatch center can instantly share a wide range of customer, product, and service history information. It supports better response times and the successful completion of service orders, all with the flexibility of either handheld or laptop devices.
  10. Nexterna Clearview: Service Management Software
    Nexterna Clearview is the most powerful service management application you can put to work for you. It is feature rich, flexible, and responsive, putting the power of real-time communications and information in your hands, tailored specifically to your corporate needs.
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