• Product Selection Guide The Product Selection Guide 2000 has over 1,000 full-color pages featuring more than 14,000 products from over 125 manufacturers, including enhanced product illustrations and specifications
  • Mobile Device Design Using Electromagnetic Simulation

    Precision is key when designing today’s complex mobile devices, and engineers can’t afford discrepancies between device efficiency and simulation results.  Remcom users see less than a 0.5 dB difference in device efficiency when compared to electromagnetic simulation results.  Importing the right CAD model achieves a higher level of accuracy with measurements that are exceptionally close to the real device, streamlining workflow and simplifying the design process.

  • Personal Interactive Communicator The Talkabout T900 personal interactive communicator (PIC) offers two-way wireless messaging capabilities.
  • ioStar 3 The ioStar-3 product line is a carrier-class Point-to-Multipoint wireless solution that provides scalable bandwidth in multiples of 1.5(or 2) MBPS, up to 4.5 (or 6) Mbps, per system, for distribution from one central hub location to several remote nodes