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  • Cellular-Ready PC Card Modem
    Cellular-Ready PC Card Modem The new 56K Cellular and Phoneline Ready PC Card Modem is a two-in-one modem that allows users to access the Internet via a cellular phone or a phone jack...
  • Microwave Antennas A line of microwave antennas has been released for 6 GHz spread spectrum applications
  • Hand-Held Programming System The Palmcoder is a small hand-held module that allows carriers to reprogram wireless phones with
  • SP6641 PFM Boost Converter
    SP6641 PFM Boost Converter The SP6641 is a high-efficiency (83%), low-voltage, low quiescent current (10uA), asynchronous-boost regulator that is ideal for single, dual-cell alkaline or Li ion applications such as pagers, digital still camera, PDAs, and MP3 players.
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