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  • Badger Remote Terminal Units (RTU) Badger provides a family of rack-mountable RTUs that are remotely located to collect alarms by contact closures, voltages, and serial data streams. Alarms are filtered and
  • Web Browser The new ThinkMotion 2.2 has added functionality that will allow mobile device users to activate e-mail addresses and phone numbers that are...
  • WCA: Multi Cell RF Base Station The “Affinity” Multi Cell RF Base for service providers delivers 2-way IP data and voice services over the MDS, MMDS, WCS and WLL bands (1.8 to 3.6GHz) for domestic and international markets
  • Instant Messaging Server Products
    Instant Messaging Server Products The Carrier Edition, Portal Edition and Service Provider Edition are three new server products enabling carriers, portals and service providers...
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