News | July 7, 1999

ADC Kentrox announces CrossPATH II ICSU

Source: ADC Access Products
Providers of PCS wireless services can reap operational and financial benefits with the introduction of CrossPATH II Triple-T1 Intelligent CSU for PCS Networks from ADC Kentrox, a subsidiary of ADC Telecommunication, Inc.

The CrossPATH II is a cost-effective access device for wireless providers who want to minimize network downtime, lower operational and support expenses, and maximize T1 backhaul circuit utilization.

"CrossPATH II addresses the most pressing needs of the wireless provider—for proactive, remote network management, performance monitoring and connection of multiple sites to a single T1 circuit. We designed this product to be rich in features that are needed to ensure cost-effective deployment of wireless services," said Kevin Hart, marketing manager for ADC Kentrox.

BellSouth will be conducting field trials for the CrossPATH II during the month of June. "This unit was designed with remote testing and monitoring in mind. Predicting, identifying and fixing network problems before subscribers notice is of utmost priority to us," said Scott Daniel, BellSouth, Transport Manager, DCS.

Providers can now lower their T1 access costs by linking multiple PCS cell sites on to a single T1 connection back to the MSC, minimizing backhaul circuit charges. Additionally, with providers now having as many as 50 sites managed by a single technician, it is critical to provide network management tools that can be efficiently implemented from a single, remote location.

Unlike some of its competitors, the CrossPATH II's compact design means that it is easily mounted and integrated into existing cell site cabinets. Also, the device provides an additional T1 port supporting cell site linking and offers all the necessary interfaces for voice, data and fraud protection over a single T1 circuit.

For more information about CrossPATH II, contact ADC Kentrox at 1-800-733-5511.