Afaria 4.5

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Afaria 4.5
Afaria 4.5 is a next generation management solution for mobile and wireless devices
Afaria 4.5 is a next generation management solution for mobile and wireless devices. The new version extends the product's management capabilities for laptop and handheld devices running Palm, Windows CE, PocketPC, Symbian, RIM Blackberry, Java and 32-bit Windows, providing the broadest management support for the increasing numbers of enterprise mobile devices.

Corporate IT administrators face increasing challenges as the number and variety of mobile and wireless devices proliferate. The mobile device management market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 49.9 percent from $83.2 million in 2000 to $629.4 million in 2005, according to IDC. The smart handheld device market is expected to grow to more than 63 million units worldwide in 2004.
With this growth, comes the need for cost-effective deployment and management of these devices. The latest version of Afaria provides enhanced tools which allow mobile systems to be managed more quickly and easily. From a single server and management console, all handheld devices and laptop computers can be effectively supported whatever their location. To offer the most effective mobile management solution, Afaria 4.5 includes several communication optimisations for operation over slow-speed dial-up and wireless connections such as GSM, GPRS, and Mobitex, including byte-level differencing on files retrieved from client machines to the server.
In the area of client management capabilities, the latest version of Afaria contains usability enhancements to simplify the deployment and operation of Afaria software on laptop computers, silently configuring each device while reducing installation support costs. Additionally, Afaria now provides administrators with greater tools for analysing client hardware and software inventory data and troubleshooting client connection problems. With these tools, administrators can resolve potential problems with mobile devices deployed in the field before they become more severe, as well as ensure that devices are used and maintained appropriately.

New Afaria 4.5 Features
Afaria provides IT managers the most comprehensive solution to centrally and securely enable and manage mobile business solutions across a company's entire mobile population, including laptops and mobile devices based on Windows, Palm OS, PocketPC, Symbian or RIM Blackberry platforms. Offering the most complete suite of management capabilities in a single product, Afaria enables organisations to track and maintain mobile devices, deploy and install critical business applications, distribute up-to-date content and automate management tasks between mobile users and corporate systems, all from a central location. New 4.5 features include:
Communication Optimisations Minimise connect time with file differencing-In addition to Afaria's ability to perform file differencing when sending files, Afaria 4.5 can retrieve only those pieces of files that have changed on the client instead of the entire file. By reducing the amount of data transferred during communication sessions, IT managers can achieve lower communication costs and shorter connection times.
Reduce server side processing during connections-Afaria 4.5 automatically updates the files in the differencing and compression cache on a scheduled set by the administrator. This new enhancement complements other Afaria pre-connection operations that allow all client connections to take advantage of the communication optimisations, ensuring shorter communication times for every client connection.

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