Air Combiners

Source: Allgon Telecom, Ltd.
The combiner module consists, from functional point of view, of four main component types
Autotune Combiners
  • Industry Proven
  • Designed for 800, 900, 1800 & 1900 Systems
  • Low Loss
  • High Tx to Tx Isolation
  • High Power Capability
  • 30 dB Dynamic Range
  • Highest Quality Material Used
  • 360 kHz to 630 kHz channel separation

    Functional Description
    The combiner module consists, from functional point of view, of four main component types. Namely the isolators, cavities, adjusters and the control boards. The optional alarm interface board may be mentioned as a fifth component.

    The isolator (dual junction) serve to protect the semiconductors in the transmitter output amplifier from incoming signal of other channel frequencies. This is to reduce intermodulation in the system.

    The transmitter is also protected from the reflected power. This is of importance when the channel is not tuned or if the feeder cable or the antenna is damaged.

    The reflected power is consumed in the termination loads located on the rear of the combiner module and it is important that the termination cables are connected properly to the isolators.

    The cavities serve as tunable filters, that let through the power of the respective channel frequency, but deflects the others. Thus preventing RF power from the other channels , to go into the termination load, instead of into the antenna.

    The cavities are resonators of the l/4 coaxial resonator type with air dielectric. They are made of pure copper to ensure long term stability. The cavity does not contain moving parts.

    The Allgon autotune combiner module does not require preventive maintenance.

    Real World Application
    The Allgon AMPS autotune combiner offers many benefits above and beyond its' superior performance. The Allgon autotune is field proven. With a great number of units in the field, proving their worth day in and day out. Our dynamic range and power handling capacity are well suited for a great number of applications. With a great history behind us and a proven design for the real world applications, we are your autotune combiner source.

    Fast and Easy Maintenance
    We also consider ease of installation and use. All major components are arranged in a modular format. This arrangement allows the replacement of any of the components in a very short time, in fact in less than fifteen minutes. All of the components are able to be changed out while the combiner is still rack mounted and thus the system can be back in operation in no time.

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