News | April 29, 2024

ALFA Networks And Newracom Unveil The AHST7394S, A Next-Generation Wi-Fi HaLow Module

ALFA Networks Develops the AHST7394S Wi-Fi HaLow Module, Utilizing Newracom’s NRC7394 Wi-Fi HaLow System-On-A-Chip to Empower IoT Solutions With Enhanced Connectivity

Today, ALFA Networks and Newracom have announced the release of the AHST7394S by ALFA, based upon Newracom’s NRC7394 Wi-Fi HaLow chipset. ALFA and Newracom are industry pioneers, spearheading the development and deployment of Wi-Fi HaLow technology. The AHST7394S is the second-generation of Wi-Fi HaLow modules emphasizing enhanced range, reduced power consumption, and lower cost. It features a small footprint of 20 mm x 17 mm and supports Wi-Fi HaLow for the North America, Europe, and Asia regions. This innovative module enables the development of long-range, ultra-low-power Wi-Fi HaLow networks in the sub-1 GHz license-exempt bands. With onboard processing capabilities, a compact form factor, and a data rate of 15 Mbps, it is ideal for many IoT applications including sensors, weather stations, industrial monitoring, medical patient monitoring, agriculture, and surveillance.

"We are honored to work with ALFA Networks for their next-generation Wi-Fi HaLow SoC module,” remarked Frank Lin, Marketing & Sales Vice President at Newracom. “ALFA is at the forefront of Wi-Fi HaLow and continues to help drive the adoption of this IoT-centric communication standard.”

“We have a lot of confidence in Wi-Fi HaLow technology. It is a game-changer for many IoT applications and services,” stated Johnson Wang, Vice President of Product Development at ALFA. “Newracom continues to innovate with its Wi-Fi HaLow chipsets to provide low-power HaLow solutions.”

Wi-Fi HaLow pushes the boundaries of IoT networking with fast throughput, long range, low power consumption, and high station density with proven WPA-3 security, flexibility, and ease of use. The AHST7394S is a surface mount Wi-Fi HaLow SoC module, measuring 20x17mm, and includes a U.FL antenna connector of easy and flexible design. For more information about the AHST7394S Wi-Fi HaLow module, For more inforamtion, visit

Source: ALFA Network Inc.