AMF Series - Microwave Limiting Amplifiers

Source: L3 Harris Technologies, Inc.
  • Tightly controlled output power over:
  • Tightly controlled output power over: - Input power range - Temperature - Frequency


  • Local oscillator driver networks
  • Microwave phase /frequency discriminators

Although the majority of applications utilize the amplifiers operating within their linear range, there are requirements when an amplifier is required to operate in the saturated mode. The use of a microwave limiting amplifier is ideal for applications which require tightly controlled output power delivered over a wide range of input powers, or over a wide frequency range or even a wide temperature range. Typical applications are in a local oscillator chain, where a mixer needs to see a tightly controlled LO power drive for optimum performance.

When you require this type of amplifier, it is important to specify that the amplifier is being used as a limiting amplifier, not as a linear amplifier. Do not specify the linear gain and compression or saturation point. The best method of specifying a limiting amplifier is to define the following parameters:

1. Input power range
2. Desired output range

All other specifications will need to be met over these ranges.

If the device is specified to operate in saturation:

1. The design will include sufficient gain to ensure the device is in hard saturation over the entire input dynamic range.

2. The devices in the output stages will be selected to handle more power than required with the bias set to control the output power. This will extend the operating life of the unit.

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