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BLiNQ Networks And Zeppelin Wireless Launch Wireless Connectivity In Billboards Across Major U.S. Cities

Toronto, ON /PRNewswire/ - BLiNQ Networks, a leading manufacturer of CBRS-ready and multiband wireless broadband solutions, and Zeppelin Wireless, a leading deployer of decentralized physical infrastructure, announced today a strategic partnership utilizing commercial billboards to deploy decentralized wireless (DeWi) equipment quickly and efficiently across several major U.S. cities. Initially launching in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston, the move is part of Zeppelin Wireless' strategic long-term plan to increase the speed, reliability and accessibility of cellular connectivity for broader populations in the United States.

BLiNQ's expertise in CBRS LTE has been pivotal in delivering groundbreaking DeWi network and solution integrations, facilitating rapid plug-and-play deployment. The FW-300i, known for its sleek aesthetics and cost performance metrics, has emerged as BLiNQ's flagship solution in the DeWi marketplace. Pete Vavra, VP of Sales at BLiNQ Networks, emphasizes their unique position to support the DeWi community. "We are committed to delivering LTE/5GNR/WiFi7 advanced technologies and innovative solutions to accelerate the DeWi movement. We recognize the tremendous opportunity at hand to make it easier to connect the unconnected, serve the underserved, and we are glad to be able to work with Zeppelin who share this vision."

Zeppelin Wireless has successfully created one of the largest contiguous CBRS networks in the U.S. in Houston. By installing small cell radios on commercial billboards and rooftops, Zeppelin is significantly improving cellular coverage and actively expanding its network to increase coverage density. Zeppelin Wireless aims to leverage its portfolio of over 100,000 billboard partner locations to scale its deployments across the United States. Rob Atherton, Co-founder & COO of Zeppelin Wireless has noted that the collaboration with BLiNQ is instrumental in optimizing coverage performance and maximizing the value of each location. "Our collaboration with BLiNQ has enabled us to streamline our deployments with a product that delivers great performance, streamlined installation and top-notch aesthetics for billboard placements," he says. "Working with BLiNQ enables us to build better connected communities and accelerate our 2024 growth plans."

In the long term, global deployment of decentralized wireless infrastructure at a large scale is key to ensuring widespread access to reliable, high-speed, private, and affordable connectivity.

About BLiNQ​ Networks
BLiNQ Networks is a pioneer manufacturer of CBRS-ready and multiband wireless broadband solutions, building the technology to provide essential internet connectivity all over the world. BLiNQ provides industry-leading price and performance in LTE and 5G-deployable solutions, driven by a talented team based in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

About Zeppelin Wireless
Zeppelin Wireless is a leading deployer of decentralized physical infrastructure at large scale across the U.S to provide a variety of valuable services including cellular and WiFi-based connectivity and AI-driven edge data and sensor infrastructure Zeppelin Wireless deployments bring major benefits to customers and also landlords, REITS and other partners hosting our infrastructure by increasing the value of their existing properties.

Source: BLiNQ Networks Inc.

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