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Bolton Install Pros Announces Availability OF Zinwave FOR Unmatched Connectivity

Stafford, TX /PRNewswire/ - Bolton Install Pros, a leader in cellular signal amplifiers, has expanded its service to include WilsonPro's Hybrid and Active DAS with Zinwave Technology. Zinwave is the most comprehensive fiber-based wireless coverage solution - bringing ultra-wideband in a single hardware layer.

Join our panel of experts on July 11, 2024 as we dive deeper into this game-changing in-building cellular coverage solution that operates by converting RF signals to optical signals, allowing for huge coverage areas and greater scalability with our extensible components.

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A distributed antenna system (DAS) is designed to distribute cellular signals throughout a building for improved coverage. Bolton Install Pros solely specialized in cell phone signal boosters, also known as Passive DAS, to help businesses make dropped calls, failed texts, and slow data a thing of the past. With the addition of WilsonPro Hybrid and Active DAS solutions to their offerings, opens the door to more powerful and scalable DAS options, marking a huge leap towards unparalleled in-building cellular connectivity.

WilsonPro Hybrid and Active DAS solutions, using Zinwave technology, have been leading the way in Active DAS for over 10 years. They engineered a unique five-component, ultra-wideband, RF over fiber system. It's the only solution available that supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, as well as public safety and other private networks on a single layer of hardware. This ensures future-proof scalability and cost-efficiency.

"Adding Zinwave to our portfolio strengthens our relationship with Wilson Electronics - the nation's leader of cellular technology," said Sadruddin Currimbhoy, Bolton Install Pros CEO. "The partnership between WilsonPro and Bolton Install Pros ensures that our customers will receive the most expert service, not only in designing the project, but also in providing excellent installation services. This allows us to manage the entire project from start to finish with a single point of contact for the customer."

There are two new WilsonPro's Hybrid and Active DAS solutions available. The 5000 series supports frequencies 150 MHz to 2.7 GHz, while the 8000 series extends support up to 5 GHz. Both are designed to be coupled with a WilsonPro amplifier, small cell, or base transceiver station (BTS), facilitating a Hybrid DAS or Active DAS installation for unmatched coverage and signal strength.

With WilsonPro, Bolton Install Pros is fully equipped to transform cell reception in buildings and campuses of any size across all industries. Their in-house DAS experts and installation team, Bolton Install Pros, provide turnkey support. It includes a free consultation, a site survey, tailored recommendations, obtaining approvals if needed, and deployment. They make sure their clients receive the best signal possible for reliable voice, text, and data wherever it's desired.

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During the webinar, you will learn how this single hardware solution can support every frequency from 150MHz to 5 GHz, ensuring your network is equipped for today's needs and tomorrow's innovations.

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For more information on WilsonPro DAS solutions and how it can transform your business, contact Bolton Install Pros at 1-888-605-6335 or visit their website.

About Bolton Install Pros
Bolton Install Pros aims to eliminate cellular signal challenges in homes, businesses, and vehicles. Since 2011, they have established themselves as the leading resellers of weBoost and WilsonPro's comprehensive lineup of DAS solutions. Now with Zinwave, they also offer Hybrid and Active DAS solutions with turnkey installation.

About Wilson Electronics, LLC
Wilson Electronics, LLC, home of WilsonPro, weBoost, and Zinwave, is the market leader in in-building wireless communication technology. With a 30-year legacy of innovation, the company holds over 200 issued or pending patents. With products designed for consumer homes and vehicles, small businesses, and enterprise-level organizations, Wilson Electronics continues to pioneer indoor and outdoor amplification technology. For businesses, this means global delivery and swift adaptation of comprehensive solutions that leverage the entire 5G spectrum. For consumers, it means unrestrained access to strong wireless signal anywhere they live, work, and play.

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