CDMA MicroMini 5100 Base Station

Source: Lucent Technologies Inc.
CDMA MicroMini 5100 Base Station
The MicroMini 5100 Base Station, the newest member of its Flexent CDMA product family
Lucent Technologies 5100 Base Station, the newest member of its Flexent CDMA product family. Flexent Networks offer wireless service providers the flexibility to tailor their networks in a cost-efficient manner while delivering subscribers continuous communications virtually anywhere.

Lucent Technologies offers high transmit power and a 3G-ready design. It is an easy-to-deploy, fully integrated, sectored base station with special applications for corporate campuses, subways and suburban locations or any areas that require coverage with the ability to grow capacity. The small size reduces site acquisition costs and zoning issues. In sum, it is a means to get more capacity, scaleable growth and power into a smaller space.

Lucent Technologies's modular design supports one to six carriers in one to six sector configurations, and up to 240 channel elements. Planned enhancements with
CDMA2000-1X technology will support up to 384 channel elements. Operators can reduce antenna expense thanks to a cross-carrier antenna sharing feature. Additionally, new RF and antenna testing capabilities promote faster network roll outs, while a new OA&M (operations, administration and maintenance) interface reduces overall costs.

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