News | September 21, 1999

Clear, consistent voice and data access for world's tallest tower

Source: LGC Wireless
<%=company1%> announced that its LGCell system has been selected to provide wireless access in the tallest buildings in the world - the PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The PETRONAS Twin Towers consist of two intelligent buildings 88 floors high above a multi-story parking garage with a shopping mall in between. It is part of the newly developed Multimedia Super Corridor, a 15km by 50km technology park where many leading businesses are located.

A challenge in a building of this height and size is to provide clear and consistent wireless access to voice and data content from cellular and/or PCS telephones and other communication devices. LGC Wireless is teaming up with local distributor and system integrator ENC Sendirian Berhad and local wireless carrier Maxis Communications to implement the LGCell system.

As a premier wireless provider in Malaysia, Maxis provides GSM cellular service over its network for more than 700,000 subscribers and has made it a priority to deliver the best possible service to its customers. Maxis' major shareholders include British Telecom and MediaOne.

"We were asked by Maxis for state-of-the-art, in-building wireless access equipment for the PETRONAS Twin Towers using Multi-mode Fiber. It had to be cost effective and deployed quickly," said Stephen Teang, ENC's Project Manager. "In LGCell we found the answer. Because of its design, installation will be as simple as putting in a local area network and maintenance will be minimal."

LGC Wireless' LGCell, a patented wireless voice and data access solution, consists of small hubs and antennas modeled after corporate data network architectures. The system provides highly reliable, high-quality voice and data communications to mobile users within any enterprise.

"Wireless communications are becoming increasingly critical to business throughout the world. As this trend continues, demand for enterprise wireless solutions which make feature-rich voice and data content available anytime and anywhere to mobile professionals will also increase," said John Georges, LGC VP International Business Development and co-founder. "We are excited to be working with Maxis and ENC in this historic PETRONAS Twin Towers project. This is a terrific example of integrating wireless communications throughout a facility."

Installation of the LGCell will begin this fall and all 184 stories, including underground service areas, will be completed before the new century starts.

About LGC Wireless
LGC Wireless develops enterprise wireless solutions enabling mobile voice and data communications and wireless Internet access to the corporate network. The company's wireless system, the LGCell, provides mobile users access to high quality voice and high-speed wireless data via cellular and PCS networks. Wireless communications are achieved through wireless access points that are located throughout a corporate facility or campus and networked together using standard wiring schemes traditionally used for corporate data networks. Typical wireless enterprise applications include one-number voice service, unified voice and data messaging, mobile e-mail, calendar management, and access to the corporate contact database. LGC Wireless has received all type approvals for the LGCell, including the European CE mark, and is currently shipping product to more than 12 countries. Supported wireless access standards include TDMA, CDMA, GSM, iDEN, and 3G.

LGCell is a registered trademark of LGC Wireless.