Custom Consulting Services

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When you need specific guidance and assistance to increase revenue
When you need specific guidance and assistance to increase revenue, profitability and market share we can help you formulate the plans, strategies and tactics you need to succeed. Our Custom Consulting services have enabled numerous established and developing wireless equipment manufacturers and service providers to achieve their critical business goals and objectives. Whether its to introduce a new product into the marketplace, counter-attack the competition or develop a strategic partnership, we will provide you with realistic, objective and comprehensive strategic and tactical recommendations and plans that detail specific courses of action you should take to achieve your objectives.

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of wireless networks, services, markets and extensive client lists and industry contacts you can be assured that our recommendations and plans address all the factors that would impact your success. In addition we can draw on our other consulting services (Surveys and Research) to gather the information needed for a thorough understanding and assessment of the situation and issues. The result are recommendations and plans that minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

The strategic and tactical recommendations and plans we develop cover a broad range of issues relating to an organization's revenue, profitability and market share including:

  • Business plan development
  • Sales and marketing programs
  • Market entry and exit
  • Pricing and discount plans
  • Introducing new products and services
  • Optimum distribution strategies, channels and methods
  • Acquisition, merger, investment or establishment of strategic partnerships
  • Design of advertising, promotion and public relations strategies and programs
  • Definition and specification of a new product/service or enhancements to an existing one
  • Development of customer, competitive, performance and price targets for a product/service
  • Recommendations for changes/enhancements in a product/service
  • Selection and formulation of advertising and promotional plans and discounts
  • Plans for budgeting and deploying marketing resources in order to achieve maximum success in a particular market
While each Custom Consulting project is designed to meet the needs of each individual client, the diagram below illustrates the process and elements often incorporated in each.

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