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DEKRA Taiwan Has Obtained The Wi-Fi Alliance® Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ Certification Laboratory Qualification And Continues To Enhance The Internationalization Of Its Service Network

Taipei /PRNewswire/ - DEKRA Taiwan actively participates in laboratory qualification standards and has obtained Wi-Fi Alliance® Wi -Fi CERTIFIED 7™ certification laboratory qualification accreditation, officially becoming the company that can provide the most advanced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ certification laboratory provides efficient and reliable one-stop testing and services for various devices that widely support Wi-Fi 7 technology.

As a long-term partner of Wi-Fi Alliance®, DEKRA Taiwan actively sent personnel to the United States last October to participate in laboratory field training organized by Wi-Fi Alliance® . During the one-week training process, the solid and meticulous Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ testing project enabled DEKRA Taiwan to achieve fruitful results in the certification program that it subsequently cooperated with DEKRA Malaga Spain and DEKRA Guangzhou. , successfully obtained the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ interoperability certification laboratory qualification, and also updated to the WPA3 encryption protocol of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ project.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ is based on a number of enhanced features introduced by IEEE 802.11be (EHT), such as 320MHz channel bandwidth, multi-connection capabilities, 4096-QAM modulation and flexible channel utilization. In addition to significantly improving Wi-Fi® performance and In addition to improving connectivity in various environments, high throughput, low network latency and more reliable key traffic can be used to promote product innovation, including: multi-user AR/VR/XR, immersive 3D training, online Gaming, hybrid work, industrial IoT, automotive use cases and more. Kevin Robinson, chairman and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, said: The launch of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 marks the emergence of the latest generation of wireless connection technology and will accelerate the mass adoption of Wi-Fi 7. This certification highlights our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that redefine the way users experience Wi-Fi, delivering faster speeds, greater efficiency and greater reliability, expanding the scope of Wi-Fi. The possibilities it brings are endless.

In order to assist more enterprises in Taiwan to effectively introduce the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology into various applications, DEKRA Taiwan Managing Director Li Junyi believes that successfully obtaining the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 certification laboratory qualification from the Wi-Fi Alliance is an important step for DEKRA. KaiTaiwan continues to fulfill its important commitment to enhance its international service network for corporate customers. For this Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ certification program, DEKRA Taiwan has cooperated with MediaTek, the world's leading IC design company, to help Filogic chipset's first batch of solutions obtain full Wi-Fi 7 certification, allowing MediaTek to provide The Wi-Fi Alliance provides a certification testing platform for wireless routers and terminal devices, which is expected to significantly optimize the product certification process for manufacturers. This successful case of three-party cooperation fully proves that DERKA Taiwan's technical team is fully prepared to provide regional enterprise customers with next-generation products at any time and on site to ensure compliance in terms of connectivity, different bandwidth switching and throughput assurance. Standard, becoming your best partner for market access of new generation products with excellent functions!

DEKRA is the world's largest independent non-listed professional inspection, testing and certification organization. As a global full-service and solutions provider, we help companies improve safety, security and sustainability outcomes. In 2023, DEKRA's total revenue is expected to exceed 4 billion euros. Its business covers more than 60 countries and regions on 5 continents, and more than 49,000 employees are committed to providing independent expert services. DEKRA has been awarded the EcoVadis platinum rating continuously, ranking among the top 1% of sustainable companies.

Source: DEKRA Dekai Asia Pacific

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