GPS Network Timing System

Source: Symmetricom, Inc.

GPS Network Timing System
The TimeSource 3500 installs the benefits of timing solutions throughout networks
Symmetricom, Inc.rce 3500 installs the benefits of timing solutions throughout networks. It can integrate the company's BesTime clock algorithm with its GPS technology, XR7. This timing system allows the GPS antennas to be placed in windows and provides PRS timing outputs with a single GPS satellite in view for about 40 percent of the time. The system produces outputs that meet network and office PRS standards. It provides up to 10 T1 outputs plus a time-of-day, one pulse per second and 10 MHz output. Optional outputs include composite clock and IRIG-B. Should additional outputs be required, the TimeXpander clock and distribution system allows up to 20 additional timing outputs with optional holdover clock.
Features include:
1- Installation in any window or through-the-wall option for windowless buildings;
2- NEBS compliance
4- Stratum 1 performance with GPS in view as few as 10 hours per day;
5- Stratum 1 holdover performance for 72 hours during long-term GPS outages.

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