News | September 22, 2020

Helium's Decentralized Wireless Network Doubles As New Partners Introduce Mining Hotspots On The Network

Now live in 1,800 cities across the US and Europe, The People’s Network’s exponential growth attracts third-parties to launch low-cost Hotspots and make mining available for everyone

Helium, the company behind one of the world’s first decentralized wireless networks, today announced a partnership with RAKwireless and Cal-Chip Connected Devices. Through this partnership, the companies are creating a more accessible entry point for the masses to build and mine the cryptocurrency $HNT on The People’s Network with the introduction of the RAK Hotspot Miner.

Available for $249, the RAK Hotspot Miner is a new device priced at half the cost of Helium’s first-generation Hotspot and delivers the same benefit of providing incentives to people who collectively build the network and enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices to send data to the Internet. With Helium’s unique blockchain-based incentive model, Hotspot owners are rewarded with $HNT in exchange for providing hundreds of square miles of network coverage in their city.

“We set out to improve the way connected devices are powered and it’s working,” said Amir Haleem, Helium’s CEO and Co-founder. “Due to our unique incentive model, we’ve created the fastest-growing wireless network to date. It’s an incredible feat to have partners build on our network, and it’s proof that a decentralized wireless network is possible.”

RAKwireless, an industry leader in IoT solutions, is the manufacturer of the device and the first of many strategic partners to be named this year. Cal-Chip Connected Devices will serve as the exclusive distribution partner. The product, available for pre-order now, will ship throughout North America, with Europe and Asia to follow later this year.

“Helium’s growth trajectory is pointing to one outcome, and that’s the realization of a decentralized wireless network,” said Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless. “We are looking forward to a longstanding relationship.”

“Since the network went live last year, there continues to be an ongoing demand from people to join and build the network. We are honored to be part of scaling this vision by introducing a new device that will drive the network further at an optimal cost,” said TJ Rancour, President of Cal-Chip Connected Devices, a division of Cal-Chip Specialty Products, Inc.

This news follows major Helium milestones, such as launching in Europe in June 2020 and creating a partnership with the Decentralized Wireless Alliance. What’s more, Lime, Conserv, SmartMimic, Digital Matter, CareBand, and Agulus, joined dozens of other global brands utilizing Helium’s network to provide connectivity for their IoT devices.

Source: Helium