News | July 14, 2008

IEEE Approves Standard For Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA)

Source: IEEE

Piscataway, NJ -- IEEE has approved a new standard for mobile broadband wireless access. IEEE Std 802.20, "Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Standard Air Interface for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems Supporting Vehicular Mobility - Physical and Media Access Control Layer Specification," will enable the worldwide deployment of cost-effective, spectrum-efficient, ubiquitous, always-on and interoperable multi-vendor mobile broadband wireless access networks.

The standard specifies physical and medium access control layers of an air interface for interoperable mobile broadband wireless access systems, operating in licensed bands below 3.5 GHz, optimized for IP-data transport, with peak data rates per user in excess of 1 Mbps. It supports various vehicular mobility classes up to 250 Km/h in a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) environment and targets spectral efficiencies, sustained user data rates and numbers of active users that are all significantly higher than achieved by existing mobile systems.

IEEE 802.20 was developed by the Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Working Group and sponsored by the IEEE 802 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks Standards Committee.