ImageGuard II

Source: Magnetic Shield Corporation
ImageGuard II
Your computers and other data processing equipment are only as useful as the images on their monitor screens
Your computers and other data processing equipment are only as useful as the images on their monitor screens. Blurring, jumping, swimming, or jitters can distort computer output and produce needless operator fatigue.

Frequently, these problems are due to magnetic interference, created by electrical machinery, transformers, or other equipment which may be located some distance from the affected monitors. Some computer users have attempted to solve this problem by installing expensive lead or copper enclosures -- without useful results. Other suggested solutions -- such as moving monitors or shifting the equipment causing the interference -- are impossible, ineffective, or prohibitively expensive.

ImageGuard II ends image disturbances by simply enclosing the monitor in a scientifically-designed, mass-produced, five-sided box precisely fabricated from our military specification CO-NETIC AA magnetic shielding alloy. Designed, built and provided from stock by Magnetic Shield Corporation, the ImageGuard II is installed in a few minutes without disturbing existing computers and monitors or rearranging electrical equipment. Installation is quick and easy -- no technical skill is required. As one customer reported, "We corrected our problem in 10 minutes, with no system down-time!"

ImageGuard II is specifically designed with tapered top and sides to provide maximum magnetic shielding at minimum expense. One of three standard-size enclosure models -- available off-the-shelf -- protects almost every monitor. Choose from three sizes and 10 different finishes (shown below) to complement the work area.

Magnetic Shield Corporation has analyzed typical monitor interference situations and engineered the ImageGuard II enclosures to solve most disturbance problems. From our extensive material inventory, each enclosure is blanked and formed, then welded together. After fabrication is complete, carefully controlled annealing assures the high shielding characteristics of the completed assembly. A laboratory performance test is made to assure compliance with rigid technical requirements. Then specified finishes or cabinet casings are applied.

The ImageGuard II enclosure is easy to install without technically trained personnel. Only a brief interruption to disconnect and reconnect cables is required.

ImageGuard II Case Histories

Many satisfied users are already enjoying clear screen images after installing ImageGuard II CRT monitor shields. A few specific cases from our files:

  • A computer sales office in California found a jitter problem with one of their customer's monitors. They purchased a CM2125 ImageGuard II and solved the problem for their customer. A week later they ordered four more to complete the installation.
  • A manufacturer of special industrial machinery in California was experiencing troublesome monitor screen disturbance. They came to Magnetic Shield Corporation and bought one CM1725 to eliminate the problem. Within a week they ordered three more units to fix their remaining monitors.
  • A computer system consultant in Canada had a report of monitor jitter at a customer's location. They ordered one demonstration unit CM1725 to prove that the shield would solve the problem. After a successful demonstration they bought five more to install at their satisfied customer's facility.
  • A steel company in Illinois had screen jitter on their monitors. After they saw Magnetic Shield Corporation's ImageGuard CRT shields in use fixing problems on a supplier's control equipment, they ordered two ImageGuard II units for themselves. These magnetic shield enclosures eliminated the screen disturbance on their own monitors.
  • A school district in Pennsylvania had a problem with CRT monitor shimmy. Their purchases started with one CM1725 ImageGuard II. When they saw the results, they ordered NINE more to correct their remaining units.
  • Talk about fast service! A newspaper publishing firm in New Jersey had screen jitter problems. They ordered an ImageGuard II from our stock at 4:00 p.m. We packed and shipped that day, and (thanks to FedEx), they received and installed it the next day. It solved their interference problem and they ordered three more units that same day.

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