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Japan Communications Contracted With The State Of Utah, USA To Facilitate Implementation Of Statewide CBRS (Local 4/5G) For Educational And Telehealth Network

Denver, CO /PRNewswire/ - Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) is pleased to announce that its United States(US) subsidiary JCI US Inc. (JCI US) has entered into a contract with the State of Utah through the University of Utah and Utah Educational and Telehealth Network (UETN) to provide JCI's Secure LTE Network Gateway Platform (NGP) services in its first major commercial implementation in the country. LTE mobile technology, the global standard for next generation wireless communications has been widely installed to replace existing mobile network systems by the major wireless carriers, or Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in the US, Japan, the European Union (EU) and all other major markets for "cell phone" services. Local 4/5G networks are a subset of this broad, global implementation strategy addressing the needs of high-density wireless communications technology utilizing "micro cells". The Local 4/5G networks envisioned in this contract will replace and expand the service requirements of WIFI and provide secure (private/closed) networks for the University of Utah and for the current and future users of high speed broadband services implemented by the UETN.

The UETN stands as a nationally acclaimed broadband provider, unifying the extensive services of two key organizations in the State of Utah: the Utah Education Network (UEN) and the Utah Telehealth Network (UTN). A pioneer in broadband and broadcast delivery of statewide education and telehealth resources, UETN's network links over 2,000 kindergarten through high school (K-12), institutions of higher education, public libraries, and telehealth locations in urban, suburb and rural areas in the State of Utah.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2020 released major spectrum capacity for common use for the unlicensed connectivity of all terminal computer devices in the market. Under the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), the FCC released 150 MHz of new spectrum band at 3.5GHz frequency to facilitate the definition of the next generation requirements currently served by WIFI, ISDN and other wired and wireless networks. The FCC has already announced an expansion of this capacity under CBRS as necessary to keep up with the industry's rapid expansion. To utilize this new opportunity, the computer industry is leading the way in undertaking projects to implement products and services utilizing Local (4/5G) area networks utilizing LTE micro cellular technology, and MNO nationwide mobile smartphone services.

Through this contract, JCI US will provide all necessary SIM and/or other Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to enable the high-speed wireless requirements of UETN as it broadens the use of its services to enhance connectivity and meet the current and future requirements of the people of the State of Utah. JCI US will enable UETN to independently manage the requirements for installation and operation of their next generation LTE network through the background implementation JCI US'LTE NGP services, which will allow UETN to meet the provisioning and other administrative requirements for secure authentication and communication of the network operations.

"We are pleased to be able to announce that the third and the final piece of our long-term strategy; Implementation of local 4/5G network solution, is finally achieved. Along with implementation of Local 4/5G (CBRS) by JCI US, JCI's three-pronged strategy was composed of productization of mobile services by the first commercial introduction of the SIM card, and the development and implementation of FPoS, the only current technology available that enables confirmation of the integrity of information communicated on the Internet. This contract represents a major step in JCI's long term strategy to bring secure and reliable wireless communication to all of people of the world" says Dr. Frank Seiji Sanda the Founder and Chief Executive of the JCI Group (the world's first MVNO).

About Japan Communications Inc. (JCI)
Japan Communications Inc. is the mobile solution innovator having created MVNO industry with its vision since establishment in 1996. As digitalization progresses and devices connected to network in the world today, JCI's patented technology, Personal Wireless Leased Line, had obtained PCI DDS certification as defined as an international security standard to all our primary systems which has been implemented in police departments, banks, and credit card companies where security is most valued. Moreover, while providing world class security, we have made identification and prevention of falsification to contents of transactions without sacrificing convenience and ease of use to construct and implement a common platform to safely perform financial transactions using your smartphone with its patented FinTech technology, FPoS, Fintech Platform over SIM. JCI will keep our challenger mind set to construct and provide a safe mobile infrastructure to become a common social platform across international borders.

Source: JCI US

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