JS Amplifiers (10 kHz to 60 GHz)

Source: L3 Harris Technologies, Inc.
MITEQ's JS Amplifiers feature lowest noise figures and space-qualified designs...

  • Lowest Noise Figures
  • Custom Designs
  • Many Package Options
  • Space-Qualified Designs
  • Modular Assemblies
  • Hi-Reliability Screening Available

Click here to download the JS Amplifiers Catalog in pdf format. The catalog contains the following information:

  • Corporate Overview
  • Special Amplifier Applications
  • Custom Package Designs
  • Space-Qualified Amplifiers
  • Space Heritage
  • MITEQ Series 883 Screening
  • General Ampliflier Options
  • General Specifications
  • Short-Form Listings
  • Outline Drawings

Sample Products
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K- and Ka-Band

Special Amplifier Designs
Click on the links below for information on MITEQ's special JS Amplifier designs: