News | May 3, 2017

Lemko And Federated Wireless Join Forces On Spectrum Innovation

Itasca, IL /PRNewswire/ - To further the goal of wireless innovation as part of the FCC's Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) initiative, LEMKO and Federated Wireless have agreed to partner on the Private LTE solution based on CBRS shared spectrum. LEMKO's 4G EZ Access Point will provide private LTE solutions for both indoor and outdoor CBRS applications and Federated Wireless is providing the cloud-based spectrum controller that gives operators and enterprises a cost-effective and dynamic option for accessing this new spectrum.

The CBRS 3.5 GHz band will enable new entrants into the wireless broadband services market. Underserved markets, IoT applications, and mission critical enterprise applications are segments demanding rapid innovation. The CBRS band provides needed spectrum for new entrants and new applications, while addressing potential interference and coordination issues with new spectrum sharing and management techniques.

Designed for Enterprise and Industry Vertical IoT Solutions, EZ LTE provides carrier-grade broadband connectivity for Private networks. Lemko's EZ LTE delivers a robust LTE solution with network scalability and Drop-n-Go economics normally associated with WiFi solutions. Bo Pyskir, President and Founder of LEMKO Corporation said, "Our vision is to connect everything anywhere by driving the lowest connectivity cost to enable a fully networked world. Our EZ LTE delivers LTE QoS and Security with WiFi like economics."

The Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller dynamically manages access to the 3.5 GHz band from a cloud-based software system that protects incumbents while making spectrum available for commercial use. At the heart of the solution is a cognitive engine that provides automated spectrum lifecycle management nationwide.

"We think private LTE is one of the most promising new applications that immediately becomes available as we provide cost-effective access to new LTE spectrum," said Iyad Tarazi CEO Federated Wireless. "Our spectrum controller, paired with the LEMKO LTE solution, will allow Enterprises to control their own destiny by running LTE interference-free on a secure and dedicated band."

About Federated Wireless
Federated Wireless is unlocking a spectrum of possibilities by breaking down barriers to wireless spectrum, giving greater access to operators and enterprises by creating a shared economy model for what was previously individually licensed. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Federated Wireless is an influential first mover in the industry that has spent the last five years leading the creation of the shared spectrum market from the ground up, developing and nurturing the necessary standards, and working to ensure that customer deployments can be successful in all network environments.

About Lemko Corporation
LEMKO is the world's leading provider of Private LTE Networks. LEMKO Networks are uniquely designed to bring LTE benefits of security, bandwidth, coverage, quality of service, and mobility at a price point comparable to that of a WiFi Network. LEMKO Private LTE solutions are used globally in Industrial, Enterprise, Public Safety, Military, and Event Management networks powering the Internet of Things. LEMKO is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA. For more information visit

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