News | March 26, 2019

LightPointe Solves Wireless Network Saturation, Interference Issues For JPCatholic

LP’s AireLink 60-10Gig millimeter wave system with 10Gbps of full duplex capacity gives JPCatholic 10x the bandwidth.

LightPointe Communications, Inc., a San Diego based manufacturer specializing in high capacity, high speed, E- and V-band millimeter wave radios, is pleased to have solved the network constraints of John Paul The Great Catholic University. JPCatholic’s two current point-to-point, 1 Gbps, wireless systems were saturated and experiencing interference. Given the constraints JPCatholic faced and with their current vendor unable to provide a resolution they turned to LightPointe Communications, Inc for a solution.

“As a university for modern creative arts JPCatholic relies every day on a highly reliable, high capacity, high-speed network for intra-campus connectivity. LightPointe solved issues of congestion, interference, and sets us up for future growth in shaping tomorrow's leaders,” Kevin Meziere, COO/CFO, JPCatholic.

LightPointe’s solution was to deploy their newest 10Gbps full duplex product, the AireLink 60-10Gig.  With 10Gbps of full duplex capacity JPCatholic now has 10x the bandwidth of their previous links and is positioned for future growth. “LightPointe was pleased to help in greatly increasing the network capacity for such a creative and forward-looking university who relies heavily on its campus,” said Lorian Sanders, CEO of LightPointe.

Welcoming a record incoming class of students and a new wireless network, JPCatholic reports perfect performance and solid reliability of the AireLink 60-10Gig system. LightPointe Communications is proud to play a part in helping foster the creative flow of the next generation of great minds at JPCatholic.

About John Paul The Great Catholic University
John Paul The Great Catholic University, located in Escondido, CA, is a Catholic university focused on the Creative Arts and Business Innovation. JPCatholic is a creative community of storytellers, artists, designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Their academic model prepares students for real-world professional life in industry, with hands-on projects, internships, and portfolio preparation. JPCatholic ranks #12 in Best Regional Colleges West 2019 by U.S. News & World Report.

About LightPointe Communications, Inc.
LightPointe designs and manufactures high performance wireless communication solutions focused on IP-centric, multi-gigabit data services for public and private operators. Systems are 60GHz and 70/80GHz radio technology, designed for customers needing high capacity backhaul, ultra-low latency connections, 5G solutions, or just to connect two buildings. LightPointe's field proven, full duplex, point-to-point wireless bridging products are deployed in over 65 countries over 20 year history. For more information, visit

Source: LightPointe Communications, Inc.