Modular HPS Series

Source: Astec America
The modular HPS Series has a bulk front end switching power supply
The modular HPS Series has a bulk front end switching power supply. Initial models of the customizable systems are available in 5.25-inch (3U) rack configurations that can house up to four individual modules with a choice of single DC outputs from 24VDC to 60VDC and power ratings of 1000W and 1250W for a maximum total rating of 5000W.

Modular building blocks are at the heart of the new system. Each 1000W and 1250W module features universal 85V to 264V AC input and accommodates frequencies from 47Hz to 440Hz with 0.99 power factor that meets EN61000-3-2 limits for input current harmonics. The selection of outputs — in standard increments from 24VDC to 60VDC — include overload protection.

With built-in intelligence, the HPS rack itself includes a smart power interface in the form of a slot at the side of each rack. The slot will accommodate standard cards that can include RS232 communications, current limit, fan controls and any number of other features that are possible with the unique microprocessor interface. The microprocessor can enable communication features that allow digital temperature monitoring and storage of unique serial numbers or other product identification or status data.

The system has N+1 redundancy and hot-plug capability for the individual modules. Other features include high efficiency (up to 85 percent), overvoltage protection, full-cycle ride-through and 30ms of holdover storage with more than 5ms early warning before outputs lose regulation.

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