News | March 1, 2023

OneLayer Integrates With Anterix Platform - Demonstration Of Private Wireless Broadband Security For Grid Modernization

Tel Aviv, Israel /PRNewswire/ - OneLayer, a pioneer in securing private LTE/5G networks for enterprises, announced today that it has completed an integration with Anterix, the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) in the US, supporting private wireless broadband networks for utilities and critical infrastructure. OneLayer will deliver security capabilities and operational intelligence to customers deploying or considering private broadband networks. As a member of the Anterix Security Collective, OneLayer will continue to extend the platform's capabilities and use cases to ensure the protection of utility endpoints while supporting operational insights.

Private wireless broadband networks deliver the control, reliability, and overall performance that utilities require for mission-critical grid modernization. These utility networks are connected to a wide array of endpoints and as a result, are subject to vulnerabilities in the security of the devices due to widespread threats. Being able to quickly identify and secure risks with the associated data and enterprise networks is crucial for maintaining enterprise cybersecurity.

With OneLayer's non-intrusive security solution, utility companies have all they need to protect their networks and devices from malicious actors. Enforcing strict policies on network segmentation means that all devices on the network can be centrally controlled to minimize damage and prevent hackers from gaining access to the network core in case of a hack. Complete visibility into each device on the network allows tracking of all online activity, enabling a quick response to any suspicious behavior. OneLayer uses fingerprinting to identify all devices connected to the network, enforce policy rules and segment the network.

"With Anterix's focus on providing private wireless broadband solutions to the utility industry, we value their trust in our solution," said Dave Mor, CEO and co-founder of OneLayer. "Utility companies are leaders when it comes to adopting private mobile networks and when it comes to security, utilities can't compromise. With the OneLayer solution, they don't have to."

"The security solutions provided by our Anterix Security Collective members, including OneLayer, will help secure private wireless broadband networks and protect utilities across the ever-evolving threat landscape," said Carlos L'Abbate of Anterix.

About OneLayer
OneLayer provides enterprise-grade security for private LTE/5G networks. Its platform and IoT security toolkit can be implemented in private cellular networks to provide organizations with better visibility, control, and protection. OneLayer brings complete visibility and threat prevention to IoT and other devices connected to a private LTE & 5G network so organizations can track any activity and implement policies to secure the environment. OneLayer enables organizations to treat the new cellular network as another enterprise network without the need to be cellular experts. World-class cybersecurity experts and veterans from the IDF's 8200 and 81 intelligence units founded the company with a deep understanding of cellular protocols and IoT security needs. OneLayer, with the support of industry-leading advisors and experts in the cybersecurity domain and the telecom industry, delivers a game-changing security solution. To learn more about OneLayer, please visit or LinkedIn.

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