Palm-Sized Wireless Handheld

Source: Research In Motion
Palm-Sized Wireless Handheld
The company offers a new, advanced, palm-sized wireless handheld with integrated support for wireless email, Internet, paging and organizer features.
The company offers a new, advanced, palm-sized wireless handheld with integrated support for wireless email, Internet, paging and organizer features. The RIM 957 Wireless Handheld is optimized for mobile users and incorporates a large high-quality screen, 32-bit Intel 386 processor, 5 MB Intel flash memory, easy-to-use keyboard, embedded wireless modem, integrated organizer and full support for the award-winning BlackBerry wireless email solution. The company also announced a new model of the RIM 950 Wireless Handheld with 4 MB memory in addition to the new BlackBerry 2.0 software that fully supports both the palm-sized RIM 957 and pager-sized RIM 950. The company also announced plans for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) support on RIM Wireless Handhelds and Lotus Notes support for the BlackBerry wireless email solution.

BlackBerry has become popular because of its unique ability to satisfy real problems for both users and IT departments. Email usage continues to grow and many users need a refined, mobile tool that allows them to deal with their never-empty inbox; but IT departments also need to responsibly deal with security and manageability issues as handhelds spread throughout the organization. BlackBerry addresses both sets of issues admirably and that's what sets it apart.

RIM 957 Wireless Handheld: The new RIM 957 Wireless Handheld delivers the company's award-winning wireless technology in a sleek, palm-sized device with a large, crisp display. Key features of the RIM 957 include leading performance, slim design, full- featured connected organizer and Always On, Always Connected operation.

Industry-leading performance- with 32-bit Intel 386 processor, 5 MB Intel flash memory plus 512 KB SRAM, embedded wireless modem, optimized keyboard, thumb-operated trackwheel, large backlit screen (user selectable 16 or 20 line display), multiple notification alerts (tone, vibrate, on-screen and/or LED indicator), internal rechargeable Lithium battery, docking/charging cradle, intuitive interface and integrated email/organizer software.

Slim mobile design- extremely compact (4.6 in. x 3.1 in. x 0.70 in.) and lightweight (less than 5.3 ounces).

Full-featured, connected organizer- includes calendar, address book, task list, memo pad, calculator and alarm; synchronizes with PC using docking cradle and Puma Technology's award-winning Intellisync software.

Always On, Always Connected- designed to operate 24 hours per day while remaining connected to the wireless network to allow easy notification of incoming email and other important information such as paging and stock alerts.

Wireless Web: The company has formed a strategic relationship with Neomar Inc. to provide a fully Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-compliant microbrowser, powered by Neomar's WAP gateway, for Wireless Handhelds and the BlackBerry wireless email solution. WAP is an increasingly popular protocol that allows existing Web content to be easily adapted for handheld devices. With the microbrowser, wireless service providers and application developers will be able to deliver a wide range of new Internet and intranet content, including Web-based information such as stock quotes, news, travel, yellow pages, driving directions, weather reports and more through Neomar's Mobile Portal.

Neomar has implemented WAP Wireless Handhelds, supplying a more robust WAP browsing experience by utilizing enhanced features including larger screens, graphics capability, more memory and an easier interface.

Several other Web content services such as GoAmerica's Go.Web and WolfeTech's PocketGenie also continue to be available to BlackBerry customers.

BlackBerry 2.0 Software: BlackBerry is the leading wireless email solution for mobile professionals. BlackBerry combines hardware, software and airtime to deliver an end-to-end solution with single-mailbox integration and nationwide wireless service. BlackBerry Exchange Edition is designed specifically for Microsoft Exchange environments and addresses the strict security and administration standards required by Fortune 1000 companies. BlackBerry Internet Edition is designed to allow ISPs and other service providers to offer an end-to-end wireless email solution to their subscribers.

BlackBerry 2.0 offers several enhancements for both users and IT departments. Several key features include improvements to email folder management, enhanced organizer features and upgraded BlackBerry Enterprise Server software for improved control and manageability.

Improved Email Management - BlackBerry users can now save significant time managing their inbox directly from their Wireless Handheld. BlackBerry 2.0 gives users the option of inbox and folder synchronization between their handheld and desktop. Messages deleted from the handheld can be automatically deleted from the desktop when the user places the handheld in its cradle. Similarly, users can file messages on their handheld and those messages will be automatically filed in their inbox folders.

Enhanced Organizer - BlackBerry includes a powerful personal organizer with Intellisync software for maximum productivity. BlackBerry 2.0 also features navigation, synchronization and interface improvements with desktop synchronization support for an expanded number of personal organizer applications including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Schedule +, Lotus Organizer, Symantec ACT!, Lotus Notes, GoldMine, Netscape and Microsoft Outlook Express.

Improved Manageability- BlackBerry Enterprise Server is optional add-on software that offers centralized management and control. BlackBerry 2.0 offers a variety of enhancements including SNMP support, performance monitoring, batch deployment tools, configurable security policies and asset tracking tools.

BlackBerry for ISP's, Exchange and Notes: According to a study published by Messaging Online, the number of worldwide email mailboxes topped 569 million after growing 83 percent in 1999 with over half of those mailboxes existing in North America. The study reported very strong growth in three market segments that now affect BlackBerry. The ISP/online space grew by more than 100% in 1999 accounting for over 149 million mailboxes worldwide. Similarly, the two leading corporate messaging systems demonstrated strong growth. Microsoft Exchange grew 82 percent to reach over 44 million seats and Lotus Notes expanded 65 percent to exceed 55 million seats.

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