RLB150X5 - Return Loss Bridge

Source: Eagle Inc.
RLB150X5 - Return Loss Bridge
Return loss bridges are useful in measuring VSWR, or return loss of filters, mixers, antennas and amplifiers

Return loss bridges are useful in measuring VSWR, or return loss of filters, mixers, antennas and amplifiers. With directivity ratings of better then 40 dB, EAGLE bridges yield excellent results. The bridges may also be used for coupling two generators for intermodulation testing or power splitting for leveling systems.
All EAGLE bridges have a true RF output they can be connected directly to vector or spectrum analyzers. Even spectrum analyzers contained in communications service monitors can be used. With the high degree of accuracy found in EAGLE bridges error correction is not absolutely necessary.



The RLB150X5 return loss bridge has been designed for lasting service in either laboratory or field service applications. Within its operational range, the bridge yields laboratory performance in directivity and open/short ratio.
Covering a range of 5 to 3000 Mhz, this bridge will provide an excellent means of measuring VSWR in the VHF, UHF, Cellular, and PCS. The bridge is also useful for measuring STLs and other microwave equipment up to 3.0 GHz.

These bridges have three ports SOURCE, LOAD and REFLECTED. The REFLECTED port on all EAGLE bridges is an RF port. The bridge may be connected directly to a network or spectrum analyzer.


Some bridges have a fourth port called the REFERENCE port. The reference ( a precision 50 ohm load) is built into EAGLE bridges so this port is not required. This elimates the problem of lost terminations.

To insure ruggedness this bridge is constructed in a brass case with nickel plating. The connectors are heavy-duty with a field replaceable center pin. This allows replacement should wear or damage degrade the performance of the return loss bridge.

Power rating is a maximum of five watts up to two minutes or one watt continuous.

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