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SimCall is a call simulation system designed to test the routing, charging and recording of calls placed through your switched services network
SimCall is a call simulation system designed to test the routing, charging and recording of calls placed through your switched services network. The purpose of performing these call simulations is to identify possible translation errors within a switch. The translation errors flagged by SimCall during a simulation enables a company to perform easy follow-up investigation and resolution without using dial tones or generating telephone bills. The result is an increase in billing accuracy, potentially saving millions of dollars annually in lost revenue.

Customized Testing Abilities
SimCall allows the user to tailor tests by defining the parameters of a test scenario. Millions of calls may be simulated in a test. Test processing, including report generation can be simulated and validated in a matter of minutes. The user can easily vary the depth of this testing process by choosing from SimCall's impressive array of pre-defined testing options.
SimCall establishes expected results using data extracted from existing call rating and billing data stores. Information that is stored or interrelated within the SimCall database runs the gamut from NPA codes, working and vacant NXX codes, CLLI codes for all switching entities, Recorder Group Numbers, Switching Control Centers, Rate Center Codes, Local Exchange Designation and Codes, Vertical & Horizontal (V&H) Coordinates for all rating points, LATA Codes, Line Class Code (LCC) Mapping and others necessary to replicate switch processing of call traffic.
SimCall can test calls destined for anywhere in the world that can be made by any class of service for which the user has a defined corporate network routing, charging and recording pattern. These defined patterns are stored by SimCall from snapshot file downloads interfaced to the product. SimCall currently supports Northern Telecom, DMS 100 and the AT&T 1AESS & 5ESS switch types.
Today, SimCall operates on a stand-alone UNIX-based Pentium PC. The system also operates on a mid-range server that facilitates integration with other applications. The software is available as a licensed product, or ATS can perform the testing and reporting under a service bureau arrangement.

Key Features

  • Switch Routing, Charging and Recording Validation
  • On-line Reference Tool for Network and Billing Information
  • IBM-Compatible PC Hardware Platform
  • SCO Open Desktop System 3.0 UNIX OS
  • Now Integrated with Internet Browser.

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