Spectra Trunk Tester

Source: Inet Technologies, Inc.

Spectra Trunk Tester
The Spectra Trunk Tester measures the quality of packetized and circuit-switched voice networks under extreme pressure.
Measure the Quality of Voice Networks
The Spectra Trunk Tester measures the quality of packetized and circuit-switched voice networks under extreme pressure. It stresses networks, under test with up to 1.8 million calls per hour, while simultaneously generating test calls that inject and detect tones on digital voice channels. No other system delivers such merciless network loading with correlated voice channel testing — all from a single box.

Tests that Virtually Model Any Scenario
Flexible scripting and traffic models allow you to create tests that model virtually anything — from real-world simulations to intense, worst-case call load conditions. Define slow ramp-up, sudden surge, peak hour, pseudo-random and controlled call patterns. While you load the test network, track voice channel and network quality with real-time statistics and advanced protocol analysis tools.

The Spectra Trunk Tester supports traditional circuit-switched networks like the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as well as packetized networks for Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice over ATM, and Voice over the Internet (VoN).

The Spectra Trunk Tester is available as a new stand-alone system or as an upgrade to existing Spectra systems.

Test Voice Networks Before They Go Live
Put the quality of circuit-switched or packetized voice networks to the test before they go live with the Spectra Trunk Tester. No other system puts such an intense burden on the signaling and voice channels from a single box. It simultaneously stresses the signaling side of the network while testing E1, J1 and T1 voice channels, displays real-time performance statistics on signaling performance and voice channel quality, and offers all the capabilities of a complete protocol analyzer.

Pushes Networks to the Limit
The Spectra Trunk Tester pushes networks to the limit by simultaneously generating two types of call traffic: bulk call loading and correlated voice calls. To generate bulk call loading and stress the network, the Spectra Trunk Tester emulates switching elements and generates a high call volume through SS7. It also generates calls with correlated voice channel connections and performs tone injection and detection to verify voice quality. Real-time statistics show how well the voice network stands up under pressure.

Voice Channel Insertion and Detection
The Spectra Trunk Tester can test voice channels over E1, J1 and T1. It supports simultaneous injection and detection of Continuity Test (COT), Single Frequency (SF), and Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones on up to 420 voice channels. Tone hold times can vary from 1 millisecond to 107 seconds per call.

  • Up to 420 voice channels from the maximum of 14 E1 or J1 spans
  • Up to 322 voice channels from the maximum of 14 T1 spans

A Law or µ Law Tones:

  • COT: 2010Hz at -12 dBm
  • SF: 400Hz, 1004Hz, 2600Hz, 3100Hz and 3300Hz at 0 dBm
  • DTMF: 0-9, #, *, A, B, C, and D at -6.2 dBm

Intense Call Loading
The Spectra Trunk Tester tests voice channels under any level of network stress, with a maximum rate of 500 calls per second. Set the desired rate of total network calls per minute, then assign the percent of calls for bulk call loading to set the level of network stress, and assign the remaining calls for correlated voice channel testing. With the Spectra Trunk Tester, you can change your test environment from moderate to severe in seconds.

  • Up to 500 calls per second (1.8 million calls per hour)
  • Simultaneous bulk call loading and correlated voice channel test calls

Flexible Call Models
Build almost any traffic model imaginable. Script call scenarios using simple pop-up menus to define the sequence of SS7 messages and tones that make up each simulated call. Then combine up to 10 different call scenarios to run simultaneously within the traffic model, in any combination. You can verify voice channel connections on all calls, or blend call scenarios that include voice channel injection and detection with bulk call loading scenarios to test voice channel quality under extreme conditions.

Simultaneous Protocol Analysis
The Spectra Trunk Tester is also a complete protocol analyzer. Monitor inbound and outbound signaling messages for every call in real time. Filter the display of messages based on Circuit Identification Code (CIC), phone number or other SS7 parameters on the fly. Save messages to disk for analysis or add them to the message library for instant use in new call model scripts. You can even add any Spectra protocol analysis capability to the Spectra Trunk Tester.