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Climate control system with raised floor for telecom plants of all sizes
Climate control system with raised floor for telecom plants of all sizes. Cooling capacity from 8 kW.

TELECOOL DF is a downflow system that distributes air through the plenum of a raised access floor. With this principle, it is possible to cool all kinds of switches, Internet routers and transmission equipment in the hybrid IT environment of today.


  • One solution for current and future equipment installations to protect your investment
  • Shorter installation time and lower installation cost
  • Better utilization of floor space
  • Lower operating cost
  • Complies with most environmental requirements to help you meet your environmental program
  • Optimal solutions can always be found to ensure best price/performance
  • Gives the best performance of your telecom/datacom equipment
  • Service possible during operation
  • Full and simple remote operation


Target Applications

Product Contents

Downflow air distribution

14-day delivery time for standard packages (DX, 13 kW and 34 kW)

Cooling, heating, dehumidification, humidification and fresh air intake in one single unit

Small footprint

Free cooling (optional)

Environmentally friendly refrigerant R 407 C

Direct expansion (DX) or chilled water version

Closed loop control of temperature and humidification

Fan section with low sound and insulated panel

Microprocessor control with local and/or remote supervision

Equipment rooms with switching equipment, routers, transmission and control rooms with low to high heat loads in different geographical climate regions.

Equipment building practise: All types.

Indoor units 8-129 kW

Air-cooled condensers (direct expansion systems only)

Supervision system


Plant engineering




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