News | June 8, 2022

Transit Wireless Expands Cellular Connectivity To T-Mobile Customers In The Canarsie Tunnel

Additional 5G data and cellular services are now delivered by the wireless infrastructure company on New York's L-Line

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company, and leading 5G wireless infrastructure provider, announced today that T-Mobile customers can now access cellular voice and data services in New York City's Canarsie Tunnel, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn on the L train service line.

This latest activation represents a pivotal connectivity milestone for L train riders crossing boroughs through the Canarsie Tunnel. They can now connect to wireless and data services from each of the nation's top wireless carriers along the subway line.

"Seamless connectivity offers riders a more enjoyable and productive transit experience as well as an added sense of safety and security," says Transit Wireless CEO Melinda White. "People can stay in contact, keep messaging and enjoy a fast connection within the tunnel."

The enhanced connectivity in the L train tunnel further improves real-time customer communications.

T-Mobile deployed its ultra-capacity 2.5 GHz spectrum in New York City in May 2020, making it the first city to offer the Un-carrier's layer cake of spectrum – a full combination of low-, mid-, and high-band 5G coverage.

"New Yorkers expect seamless mobile coverage and T-Mobile continues to provide an amazing network experience and value no matter where our customers are located," says Tom Ellefson, T-Mobile Senior Vice President of Network Engineering & Operations, Northeast Region. "We are delivering an unrivaled 5G network with most of our network usage on 5G devices. Practically anywhere – above ground or below ground – our network team will continue to deploy a world-class network experience as our 5G rollout continues to lead the competition."

The Canarsie Tunnel – also known as the 14th Street Tunnel – extends more than a mile and a half from First Avenue in Manhattan's East Village and crosses underneath the East River to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. Completed in September 2020, it is the first under-river tunnel in the New York City subway system fully outfitted for cellular voice and data connectivity.

T-Mobile's existing collaboration with Transit Wireless also enables cellular access in over 250 of New York City's underground subway stations. In addition to designing and building the vast underground fiber-optic broadband network for carrier services, Transit Wireless continues to operate free public Wi-Fi, TransitWirelessWiFi, throughout the subway system.

"Maintaining a complex infrastructure within the City is no small endeavor. We're very proud to have the Canarsie Tunnel as part of our extensive subway network. It's a huge step for all of us as we lay the groundwork for a smarter, more connected city," says White.

About Transit Wireless
Transit Wireless is a leading 5G wireless infrastructure company that provides cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to large infrastructure projects including the New York City subway system. Transit Wireless and its majority shareholder BAI Communications, finances, designs, builds, operates and maintains wireless networks to connect millions of customers each day. The Transit Wireless subway network is an award-winning public-private partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and provides service to all three Tier One wireless carriers. The network was honored with the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Award for "Best Wi-Fi Deployment to Connect the Unconnected in an Urban Environment" and the prestigious 2018 IDC "Smart Cities North America Award." Transit Wireless is a member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), a proud supporter of the MTA and Literacy Partners annual "Subway Reads" campaign and won a 2018 Honorable Mention in the MTA's Genius Transit Challenge.

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