News | May 23, 2011

TS2 Will Provide Satellite Phone Services For The Government Protection Bureau

Warsaw, Poland /PRNewswire/ -- The Government Protection Bureau (GPB) announced its selection of the best bid in the proceedings for awarding a public contract for telecommunications services within the satellite communications system. The tender was won by TS2 from Warsaw - they will provide global connections for Iridium 9505a and Sailor SC4000 satellite phones, which are used by GPB officials.

The Government Protection Bureau is Poland's equivalent of the United States Secret Service, providing antiterrorism and VIP security services for the Polish government.

Satellite phone services will be used in conditions where traditional communication is difficult or impossible, for example due to a lack of adequate infrastructure on the ground. This is particularly important during GPB officials' foreign missions. They can now use encrypted communications and data transmission systems, which operate independently of local telecommunications infrastructure. Furthermore, satellite communications systems increase the level of security, which is particularly significant in areas of military action and wherever an immediate response is vital.

The Iridium satellite network is one of the most reliable telecommunications systems, accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. The orbital parameters, combined with a high number of coordinated satellites, allow constant access to telecommunications services from anywhere on Earth.

TS2 Satellite Technologies provides global telecommunications services within international satellite networks. The company offers all possibilities of using communications satellites to send data, make phone calls and access the Internet. TS2 allows you to make a phone call from anywhere in the world, together with the appropriate data encryption.

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Information on the choice of the best bid in the proceedings for awarding a Public Contract from 30.03.2011 Case number: 10/2011/ZP.

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