Twin Beam Antenna - Model 8265T-R0

Source: Racal Antennas, Inc.
Twin Beam Antenna - Model 8265T-R0
Two Dual Polarized antennas mounted Side by Side in the same radome
  • 1850-1990 MHz (PCS1900)
  • Two Dual Polarized antennas mounted Side by Side in the same radome.
  • Both antennas 65 degrees Azimuth Beamwidth +/-45 degrees Dual Polarization.
  • 19 dBi Gain on all four ports.
  • Isolation between antennas 30 dB minimum.
  • Based on single PCB microstrip technology.
  • Overall dimensions 10.8" wide, 3.8" deep and 72" long.

In today's urban environments where many types of base station antenna are already deployed it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire new sites or obtain permission to modify existing sites. The cost of the site lease is directly proportional to the number of antennas deployed and any increase in the number of antennas can increase leasing costs and require that new plans have to be submitted for site approval. Replacing an existing antenna with the Twin Beam antenna, with its four separate inputs (with additional transceivers), can quickly increase traffic capacity without incurring additional leasing costs. When deployed on a new tower only three Twin Beam antennas are required where six standard Dual Polar products would normally be required. This is especially beneficial where the antennas are to be mounted on utility company power line structures, where antenna redundancy may need consideration.

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