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Vantiva Powers New Vodafone Fiber Router And Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Extender To Enhance In-Home Broadband Experience

CPE leverages Vantiva's Wi-Fi antenna expertise to connect more than 100 smart devices at ultra-high speeds

Paris /PRNewswire/ - Vantiva (Euronext Paris: VANTI), a global technology leader enabling Network Service Providers (NSPs) to connect consumers around the world, today announced that it has strengthened its longstanding partnership with Vodafone UK, the largest full fiber provider in the UK, with the introduction of the Wi-Fi 6 enabled Power Hub router and Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster. The customer premises equipment (CPE) leverages Vantiva's Wi-Fi antenna expertise to offer intelligent Wi-Fi auto-optimization that automatically provides the fastest connectivity across all devices. The router and booster are designed to cost-effectively deliver a superior whole-home Wi-Fi experience to end-users with the ability to seamlessly connect more than 100 smart devices at speeds up to 910 Mbps.

"The introduction of the Power Hub router and Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster are the latest examples Vodafone UK's continued leadership in bringing advanced connectivity solutions to its customers," said Mercedes Pastor, Senior Vice-President of the Customer Unit, Eurasia. "This is a step forward in our long-time partnership delivering cutting edge solutions in this market. The outstanding Wi-Fi performance leverages all of Vantiva's expertise from antenna design to unique testing environments to offer the best in-home wireless experience."

Vodafone UK's new Power Hub router is built for fiber-to-the-home network configuration and is easily adaptable for current and future in-home connectivity demands. The Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster works seamlessly with the Power Hub to give reliable coverage throughout the home and is compatible with both existing and previous versions of Vodafone gateways. The extender's mesh Wi-Fi capability adapts the connectivity to give customers comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage.

As part of Vantiva's commitment to developing eco-friendly products with low-carbon intensity, the device housing for these products was made from 95% recycled plastic. The packaging was designed using 85% recycled paper, printed with soy ink and uses no plastics.

Vantiva and Vodafone UK have been collaboratively bringing innovative solutions to market in multiple product platforms since 2018 and in fiber since 2022, when the two organizations introduced the first Wi-Fi 6E gateway in the UK, bringing high speed connectivity to homes across the country.

The Vodafone Power Hub Wi-Fi 6 router and Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster are the latest strategic milestones in Vantiva's ongoing commitment to providing open and innovative technologies for NSPs and Pay TV operators. Vantiva's goal is to bring seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers by creating best-in-class CPE and partnering with the most innovative companies in the connected home ecosystem.

Source: Vantiva

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