News | May 1, 2024

Virtual Internet Announces Virtual 5G Express

  • V5GE complements and extends the V5G Global Service and Brand
  • V5GE and V5G target different environments and user needs

Singapore and San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - Virtual Internet has announced Virtual 5G Express, a new App that complements the V5G platform and extends the Virtual Internet Global 5G Cloud based service.

Virtual 5G Express (V5GE), is a hyper-efficient secure implementation of V5G. V5GE was created to deliver 5G service to a different user base than V5G. These different user needs are reflected in the engineering of the App. V5GE is highly simplified for use in the accelerated environment for which it was created.

V5G was created to deliver a 5G Global Broadband Service over any type of connectivity, (Wi-Fi, Cellular Radio/Mobile Data, Satellite), on any Service Provider Network and on any generation phone (3G, 4G/LTE). The V5G was developed to enhance service on 5G phones and to provide not just fast connectivity but encrypted access that is secure and fully private.

When it comes to 5G, there is no one size fits all. Millions of installations of V5G have shown the diverging needs of Global Smartphone users. In response, Virtual Internet has engineered two flavors of V5G service to meet the growing needs of the market and of users worldwide.

V5G is designed to focus on delivering higher maximum potential throughput and bandwidth. V5G shows optimal performance in environments where connectivity has variable and high packet loss, where users are Mobile and where the underlying service provider bandwidth is less robust. These are typically suburban to rural environments, and locales with lesser developed infrastructure.

V5GE has been engineered to deliver 5G Broadband Mobile service while moderating maximum potential throughput and bandwidth so as not to overwhelm shared network resources.

V5GE shows optimal performance in environments where connectivity is more stable, with low packet loss, where there are many users sharing the underlying service provider bandwidth. These are typically urban to suburban environments, places with more developed infrastructure.

Virtual Internet announcements regarding V5G and V5GE availability on global platforms and distribution are also imminent.

Virtual 5G and Virtual 5G Express --The Global 5G Cloud
Virtual 5G and Virtual 5GE create 5G over a Global 5G Cloud, which runs over every Physical Network in the world. V5G and V5GE work over any connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular Radio, Satellite), any connection medium at all. V5G and V5GE uniquely deliver Global 5G service over any service provider network, even when the underlying Service Provider connection is not 5G, to End User devices that are also not 5G. This makes V5G and V5GE the best and most cost efficient 5G service anywhere in the world today.

About Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.
Virtual Internet is an advanced technology company, incorporated in Singapore. Virtual Internet is building a new community of millions of users, connected through multiple networks. Virtual Internet has created and operates on its own Virtual 5G, Virtual 5GE Global Overlay Network, which allows millions of other applications and services to be delivered over 5G Mobile Broadband Speeds using existing Cellular Radio, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM networks.

Source: Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.

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