Web Hosting & Development Services

Web Hosting & Development Services through ITquotes Corporation.
Web Hosting
  • Shared Server
    Provides a rented amount of server capacity where a customer's website is located and accessed by other Internet-enabled users.

  • Dedicated Server
    When the Web Host sets an entire server aside for a single customer's private use.

  • Colocation
    The space allocated for a customer's telecommunications equipment at one of the service provider's Data Centers.

  • Managed Services
    Management of various web hosting elements including security, uptime, and monitoring services.

  • Backup Data Services
    Backup of web site information to various formats including tape, disk, or optical.

  • Content Distribution Services
    Distribution of web content to the core, edge, and end user. Enables quicker downloading than centralized servers.
Web Development
  • Graphic Design
    Front end design of the website and graphics.

  • Web Design
    Front end design of the website.

  • Database Design
    Design and programming of the database and backend functions.

  • Programming
    Computer language programming for various website functions.

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